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Hello hello everyone! Long time no see! Figured it was time for some updates, so if you actively watch the group this is a journal entry you don't want to miss.

We've got some updates pertaining to the group folders, participation rewards, and... Other stuff you probably don't care as much about.

So here we go!


:bulletpink: Canon comic pages will no longer be submitted to the "Featured" folder. Sorry! If you want to read the comic itself, please do so on the main page [here]!

:bulletpink: Comic art by Shiloh or Fae that are not concepts, original character art or designs will now be in the "Featured" folder.

:bulletpink: The "Fan Art and OCs" folder has been split.
- - - - - - :bulletpurple: "Original Characters" is now where you place your submissions that focus on original, non-canon characters . Canon characters can still be present, just not the main focus. Fiction, drawings, and other forms of media are welcome!
- - - - - - :bulletpurple: "Fan Art" is now the folder for submissions that focus on canon characters. Reverse of the Original Characters folder, OC's can be present, just not the main focus. Fiction, drawings, and other forms of media are welcome!

:bulletpink: To encourage group/tumblr activity, Shiloh and Fae will start rewarding frequent contributors to either the Tumblr or this group, offering character cameos within the canon storylines, from brief background appearances to speaking parts! (They will also offer sketches or chibis of a canon character of your choice with your OC!)

:bulletpink: Shiloh and Fae both apologize for taking so long with the Contest Entry 2012 winner's arc. IRL is a little hectic right now (Fae is moving into a new apartment and Shiloh is moving across the country to move in with her), and with the increase in update frequency we're both more busy than ever. We work on it when we have time, and will give an ETA when we have a decent guess. Thanks so much for your patience, everybody. >3< We'll keep you updated in the meantime!

:bulletpink: Fae has a new computer and tablet now, so she's going to start posting speed draws and WIPs on her youtube channel. If you don't mind potential spoilers (she'll try to keep it to a minimum), feel free to take a gander!

:bulletpink: Fae would also like to point out that she always welcomes sketch requests related to Magience or short comic ideas. It may take her awhile to get to them, but the ideas and inspiration are really helpful! Shiloh also snatches some up from time to time, so please feel free to mention any ideas or requests either here, or on the Tumblr page! even if you think they're stupid or silly, it's fine! If you're embarrassed, you can always send  :iconfaewild: / :iconfaenoire: a note or an ask!
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